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Raphael Iloh

Raphael Iloh

I’m a goal-oriented, strategic thinking, results-driven, and outcome-eccentric professional with experience in enterprise architecture, security architecture, security risk management, business and technology change management, transformation programmes, and business continuity.

I proactively partner with businesses and organisations that have something of value to share with their customers, partners, alliances, and communities. I particularly enjoy working with individuals, teams, cross-functions, & people who are geared and driven to engage their customers and immediate communities with openness through products, services, and efforts that they offer.


Passion & Drive


Business, Enterprise, Security, & Me

I’m a business & technology professional.

Part of my great passion that drives/motivates me is working with people, grappling with ever-changing needs to closely align (i.e. bridge gaps between) business objectives/goals and technology capabilities within organisations.

Working as an Enterprise (Security) Architect, I help organisations build/establish secure enterprise-level business solutions that integrate across systems, applications, and platforms; driving business outcomes through strategy, risk management, process, policies, controls, standards, best practice, and governance as they relate to architecture, information security, and design principles.

I often tell people that “I’m a student for life”; always eager to learn something new, and to stay in tune with emerging technologies and trends.

My experience managing and working with global, diverse, cross-functional, and multi-cultural teams help inform my empathetic, respectful yet thorough team management approach.


Giving Back to Communities

I’m a firm believer in giving back to our respective local communities. From helping elderly people in care homes, assisting sight impaired people in hospitals, helping rescue or recover stray/lost dogs, to providing nightly shelters to homeless people, there’s always a way one can help in the local communities.

I actively support and volunteer at Sanctuary; a charity in the Gravesham Kent community area that caters for homeless people by helping them find shelter, food, and longer-term accommodation.

I also actively participate in a different type of community; i.e. the professional networking community. I take part in meet-ups, workshops, discussions, and events designed for professionals in business, technology, and security quarters.

Giving back to the communities is something I love dearly.


Café au lait ou café grande crème?

Either will be just fine, thanks for asking 🙂

Yes, I do love my regular coffee drinks every now and again. These two types of coffee are my favourites, plus of course, the standard espresso. I try to steer clear off the too many variations because they aren’t really as good as my chosen proven three; just my perspective 😉 😎

I also love cycling and going off to the gym but I must admit that I could do more with these pair.

coffee writing morning


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